Why you shouldn’t buy an Asus tablet?

Having a tablet these days is pretty common thing. I have been (probably pretty rare) owner of Samsung ATIV tablet for many years. Because it’s too large for normal e-book reading, I decided to purchase a smaller 7 or 8 inch tablet.

After checking multiple reviews and comparing my top candidates, I decided to purchase ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME176C). Based on reviews it was a best offer for it’s price (I paid around 120 EUR). Tablet looks great, it has a pretty good CPU, enough ram and space, camera is OK, and has solid build.

After few days of usage I started noticing a pretty annoying problem. It’s updating all the time, adding new apps (that I actually don’t really need) and just taking up space. After I was able to uninstall few of them (TripAdvisor, Omlet chat, and others) I was still left with 20 applications that Asus installed on my tablet. 20! Biggest problem is that I will never use them as they are totally useless.

If I go in store and buy something, don’t I own the thing I just bought? Why then when I paid for the tablet, I’m not able to do with it what I want?

Having an Asus computer for over 5 years, I started to like Asus brand and their products. But what they did with my tablet is just awful. Now when I want to install new apps, I’m getting low space errors. The whole system works slow, it crashes and it have become totally useless. There are many forums topics about the same problem and Asus is not doing anything about it. Instead of them limiting the garbage they force on tables, they add extra support apps. But why?

The hardware part is pretty great. Why ruin it with software? Maybe it’s Androids fault. I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of Android. I see it as a big mess waiting to collapse.

Right now I’m in process of buying another, better tablet (hopefully Win10). But again, the problem can repeat even with other manufacturers. I miss the ability to get an empty tablet and install whatever system I like on it, similar to PCs. I know that won’t be possible anytime soon. I also understand that manufacturers need to create communities, but what Asus is doing right now is causing the opposite.

Would I buy another Asus tablet? NO. Would I recommend Asus tablet to someone else? No.

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