Why I ditched GoDaddy

Yesterday I wanted to renew my .net domain. I logged into GoDaddy, found the domain, followed the checkout steps and when I was about to pay, I noticed the price. It was around 13.25 EUR. Looked really expensive. So I googled GoDaddy coupons (I always do that). I found one for 35% off and decided to try it. GoDaddy responsed it accepted the coupon and the price was changed so I’m getting the biggest saving. But the price did not change.

Paying 13.25 EUR (almost $18) is simply too much. I have noticed many time GoDaddy (I have been using GoDaddy for more than 5 years) gives different prices for same domain. I presumed they wanted to use the situation (domain would expire the next day) and make the most of it (read make the most money out of it). I said no.

I decided to use another registrar. I remembered along time ago somebody recommended namecheap.com. I decided to give a go and transfer my domain to them. The price was around 7.5 EUR (around $8) so almost twice cheaper. I made an account, filled the request for transfer, unlocked domain at GoDaddy and followed the steps in email. I completed everything in few hours and saved some money.

Of course I won’t become a millionaire if I saved almost 6 EUR, but paying that much for a domain is simply crazy. I still have few domains registered at GoDaddy. If the competition will offer better deals, I will slowly but for sure totally ditch GoDaddy.

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