9 websites to find a co-founder/partner for your startup

Finding the right person to work with you on your project or product is really hard. One way is to ask around, you friends and family, and see if they can recommend someone. Mostly this way brings bad results. Other, in some cases, much better way is to use different sites to find your business partner.

I have created a short list of websites and short description from their website.

1. CoFoundersLab (more than 25000 users)

Join the largest community of more than 25,000 founders, advisers, and interns to help launch or grow your business.

2. Founder2be (more than 21000 users)

Founder2be is the largest startup community for developers, web designers, marketers and anyone looking to start a startup worldwide.

3. Founders Nation

Founders Nation is a platform for entrepreneurs and founders. We built it to connect dreamers that wish to make the world a better place through innovation and technology.

4. FounderDating

FounderDating is a network of talented entrepreneurs helping one another start and grow companies. With FounderDating you find world-class people with complimentary skill-sets, expert areas and knowledge.

5. CollabFinder

Find cofounders, collaborators and other makers to help build your project. CollabFinder Groups give your community members a place to team up and launch projects.

6. Bizoogo

Where UK entrepreneurs connect, swap, share and collaborate to start-up.

7. cofinder.eu (creators are from Slovenia)

Helping you assemble A STARTUP TEAM.

8. FoundersHookup

FoundersHookup’s goal is to connect you with GREAT people to seed high quality DNA into your venture from Day One. We screen applicants and only present the highest caliber Internet founder prospects.

9. Reddit, section /r/cofounder

Even though reddit is use for many things, if also offers a section for finding a cofounder. It’s not so great as previous websites, but maybe someone can find a dream match.

If you think I skipped an important website to find a co-founder, send me an email and I will update the list.

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